Saturday, February 7, 2009

Religious Jews in Danger

Religious Jews of the world may have unwillingly and unwittingly created for themselves and for future generations of their children another unthinkable holocaust, simply by following the Zionist promises of the establishment of a sanctuary of safety and peace and a geographical national homeland for Jews. This idyllic world was promised by renowned and obscure Zionist leaders. Little did they know that the Zionist’s prime goal was one of control and domination of
the land and the peoples living in the Middle East. The Judaic people of the world, have irrevocably turned over their fate and destiny to the Zionists of the world, who are joined in this enterprise, by international Zionists who are neither Jews nor Jewish in culture or religion. Their political and economic goals and ambitions reach much further than creating a National Homeland for Jews. They do not hesitate and are not ashamed to trade their economic and political ambitions on the still warm embers of the world’s most recent holocaust. Instead they make use of this stirring historical account as the very foundation of their cause for existence.
Since the establishment of Israel in 1948, when the war weary world was looking hopefully for a new period of peace and prosperity, the world has been transformed into an armed camp and now has the potential of becoming a worldwide police state.

Every inch of ground and every mile of sky is now a high security zone, patrolled by combat prepared armed military and paramilitary personnel, and civil and private police forces. Technology has provided a post modern highly secret and elaborate billion dollar worldwide computer intelligence gathering program that listens
every hour of every day to everyone’s everyday conversations and sees into the private correspondence between individuals reaching into every corner of the earth. The nation’s most important public issues are now held to be “most secret” while the most private intimate personal issues are now “illuminated and broadcast” for the entire nation to see and read. Lethal security measures are now highly visible at public buildings, airports, border crossings, city centers, synagogues, embassies, government properties, even to the playing fields of the country.. Nothing
and nobody is now considered to be absolutely safe and secure. This regime of anti-terrorism security has over-powered the average citizen and has taken away what was formerly considered to be their public free world where innocent men and women with their families felt free to live, laugh, and struggle for happiness. That joy is now disappearing from view.

To question Israel’s state policies is immediately translated and labeled as being anti-Semitic, by official Zionist gate keepers. How can it be anti-Semitic when tens of thousands of Jews around the world daily protest and demonstrate against the policies of the Israeli government of Ariel Sharon’s Likud Party. Any written or oral statement questioning and criticizing American and British government policies and programs that support the Israeli government is especially seen as being unpatriotic and unwelcome.

Upon closer inspection it will be seen that the State and the Governments of Israel are not Judaic nor does the State follow and believe in and observe the ancient beliefs and practices of Judaic Law. Israel is a secular state. It is a modern Anglo-American- Zionist State given over to a goal of global political influence and economic power and domination. The State of Israel is their
beachhead to the entire Middle East.

Benjamin Bleich, an Orthodox rabbi who teaches philosophy at the University of Orthodox Yeshiva University of New York reflects “ritual alone is not the sole determinant of our Judaism, that it must be combined with humanity, with ethical behaviour, with proper values and, most important of all, with regard to our relationship with other human beings.”

A much more harmful and devastating by-product of this shameful litany of State manipulation, intrigue, war crimes and duplicity is today’s prevailing systematic growth of corporate, state, institutional and private penchant for the rewards of fraud and corruption. The rot of public corruption abounds in society today, as never before, and gives no indication that it can be contained or eliminated. Political and economic corruption and malfeasance is regarded by those
now in positions of power and influence as a necessary and rewarding tool of the trade. Public discovery and ensuing shame do not dampen the worldwide appetite for the fruits of this malignant code of conduct. Where there is no shame corruption abounds!